The City Of Kiev

 Kiev, charming, bright, cozy, old, with a positive energy and a lot of wonderful places, has three main historic district - Ancient Kiev (or Old Upper Town), Pechersk and Podil.

Ancient Kiev - is almost a "leader" of the sights - there are St. Volodymyr's Cathedral, St. Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gate, St. Michael's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church and the upper part of the St. Andrew's descent. Main Street - the street Vladimir, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street, and, of course, Andrew's descent. At Andrew's descent has two wonderful museum - Bulgakov Museum and the Museum of One Street, Richard Castle, a monument to the nose and a bunch of traders souvenirs, "artifacts" and artists.

Pechersk - it's Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the remnants of the old Kyiv fortress complex of the oldest parks of Kyiv, the mansions of the early 20th century and Khreshchatyk. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - is generally a city-in-city. Near the monastery is located near the Museum of the Second World War with his "original" figure - a monument "The Motherland" which has the astounding observation deck and simply is one of the greatest monuments of the world. Near Lavra, you can go pitch, is the glory of the park, it can be to come to the Mariinsky park, and then - to the "House with Chimeras", well there to Khreshchatyk literally 5 minutes. From a historical point of view - Khreshchatyk far the leader among the streets of Kiev, but this legendary street, full of life and just - Ukrainian celebrity. In Groin park is quite interesting Water Museum and very cute and fabulous Kiev Marionette Theatre.

Podil - the oldest district of Kiev, if you go down to the Upper Town by Andrew Descent, or the funicular or by Khreshchatyk for Vladimirsky descent. Hem is not so "bright" as the two previous district, but there still hovers the spirit of the present antiques. The main street of Podil - the street Sagaidachnogo. The street has kept practically 100% its image of the 19th century, it is replete with a variety of cafes and coffee shops, and eventually leads out to Kontraktova Square, where the oldest university in Eastern Europe - Kyiv Mohyla Academy. Antiques lovers will appreciate the Museum of pharmacy.


To visit in Kiev, not to be missed:

1. Andrew's descent;

2. The Motherland;

3. Pirogovo;

4. Independence Square;

5. Nicholas Church;

6. Arch of Friendship of Peoples;

7. Mariinsky Palace;

8. Golden Gate;

9. Sophia Cathedral;

10. Lavra;

11. Vladimir Hill;

12. Puppet Theatre;

13. Vozdvizhenka;

14. The building of the National Bank of Ukraine;

15. St. Andrew's Church.