The Island Of Bali

 Bali is a magical island, where dreams come true, here everyone can find something of their own. Stunning nature and the mighty ocean, waterfalls and Balinese temples, mysterious places of power, a variety of fun and surprisingly touching and beautiful tradition of the island.

Bali is rightly called the "Island of a thousand temples". According to various sources it is estimated that between 10 to 20 thousand religious and places of worship.

A very famous temple of the island - Tanah Lot. The main Shrine of Bali, located in the North-Western slope of mount Agung. The temple Pura Tanah Lot, like hovering over the ocean in boiling waves, so its inaccessibility definitely creates a special entourage. The temple is located on the cliff quite low, so at high tide it partially disappears under the water, but just something about her and breaking waves, creating the same water blast. At low tide the same rock-sandy bottom you can go to the temple. To get inside will not work, but you can look in the cave under it where there lives a sacred snake. It really is not one temple but a complex of twenty-three, they are located at an altitude of 1 km above sea level, so in the afternoon to the temple looms clouds and visibility is reduced.


Rice terraces

Kind of getting off on multi-stage rice terraces, can not leave indifferent any tourist, while the local customary place of daily work, which to this day work hand. The next terraces in the village of Tegalalang (Tegallalang). Because of the availability of this place, there comes a lot of tourists, but it does not spoil the view, and local entrepreneurs quickly realized and discovered there are a lot of cafes and shops. So you can dine in a local cafe, taking in the beautiful views of the rice terraces.


The terrace of Jatiluwih (Jatiluvih Riсe Terrace) is not just a field where rice is grown, it is a work of art, a magic mirror puddle cascading on the Balinese hills.


Monkey forest

On the southern edge of the village of Ubud is a small nature reserve inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. Monkey forest in Ubud (Ubud Monkey Forest), and many other attractions in Bali is an amazing place, besides the fact that you can see monkeys in their natural environment, in this Park you can walk or sit under a solid hundred year old Banyan trees,look at the Balinese temple and the Holy springs, and more to find the stone lizards in the picturesque ravine. And just a lot of walking and breathing, still admire, sometimes demonic, sculptures and unusual, like a fairy, bridge, chosen, like everything else in this Park, its inhabitants.


Safari Park and bird Park

Safari Park is an open zoo in the style of Savannah. Riding on special buses through the Park, you can see many animals in their natural habitat, and some even feed. The Park has many species of rare and endangered animals such as cheetahs, tigers, albinos and orangutans. Besides buses, you can ride on elephants. And for younger visitors there is a special entertainment zone with various rides and water Park.


Water Park

In the heart of Kuta is one of the largest water parks in Asia, Waterbom waterpark. The territory of the Park covers an area of about four hectares on which are located a massage centre, cafes, slides for children, fourteen water rides, areas with sun loungers and a bar, which is located directly in the pool.The Waterbom water flows naturally cleansing sea salt, and the equipment meets international standards of quality and safety, so for families with children is perhaps one of the best places on the island.



In the North of the island, in a place called Lovina, where all the beaches are black, and the ocean is calm and friendly, the hotel Melka. The hotel has a swimming pool with salt water in which dolphins live, also the hotel has a therapy centre with their specialists. Duration of one session of swimming for 30-40 minutes, and in the evening you can watch the show with dolphins.In most of Lovina to watch dolphins in their natural environment. Early in the morning local fishermen can take you out on their boats in the sea, where the dolphins make their morning swim.


The Village Of Jimbaran

The village of Jimbaran is rightly considered a separate attraction, it is located on the seafront and is famous for its variety of cafes and sea food. The cafe tables located directly on the beach under the open sky. A large variety of seafood will not leave indifferent even the most rigorous gourmet. Lobster, shrimp, crabs, clams, all you will be able to find and enjoy every cafe.


Waterfall Sukumpol

On the island of Bali about a dozen waterfalls. The highest, unusual and expressive waterfall and it even not one but 2 sets of waterfalls, consisting of small. Both waterfalls are different and each one amazing.Interesting and the trail leading to the waterfalls, at first it leads through a small grove with trees that grow, fragrant cloves. Then the path turns into the step-ladder leading down into the ravine-gorge, where all blossoms and smells. On the way – several viewing points from which you can already see the waterfall Sukumpol in all its glory, but the breathtaking views at the foot of the waterfall.


Water palaces Tirta gangga and Taman Ujung

Water Palace Tirta gangga (Water Palace Tirta Gangga) – an elegant Palace of the last Raja of Karangasem Tirta gangga will not leave anyone indifferent. It's not just the Palace, is an aquatic complex with walkways, fountains in Bliscom style, demonic sculptures, pools and channels, which float gold carp.Another site of Tirta Ganga has a sacred springs – baths. On the island there is another water Palace – Taman Ujung (Taman Ujung Water Palace), it is also more of a Park than a Palace, it is located not far from Tirta gangga.


Tombs Of Gunung Kawi

Gunung kawi (Gunung Kawi) – real cave Kingdom Royal tombs carved into the rock. A magical place excites the imagination, it is one of the most unusual cemeteries in addition, the atypical and the location. Tombs of Gunung kawi are in a large ravine, which you can get into, breaking 371 step. Despite the fact that this is the tomb, the place is not bleak, on the contrary, here the cascading rice fields, a ravine with beautiful Banyan trees with hanging from their vines and a babbling river at the bottom,which is probably why these tombs have other lyrical titles – "Mountain Poets" or "Valley of Kings". Rock tombs several times larger than the human growth seemed to grow out of the ground on the top, as if nothing had happened, and palm trees.The complex of Gunung kawi is a temple and a maze of monastic stone huts for meditation,and, of course, themselves 10 tombs, one of which is hidden.

Bali is just a Mecca for surfers, so go ahead and try to conquer the ocean waves!

Even in Bali there are 2 mountain rivers which you can paddle on rafts. You can also see elephants, feed and wash the gray giants, and even participate in a Safari on them?